*”In order to be the change, you have to change | How to alternate your inate programming”*

– Right now I am develping a meditation series for actors that I would like to try out with you (the sequence is 30 Minutes long.

– I also want to discuss the Law of Attraction, Habits and Mind Programming with you in this session
‘Tuesdays at Robin’s’

Inspired by the book Tuesdays with Morrie.

Tuesdays with Morrie is about the journey of the terminally ill patient Morrie and his journey of preparing for his death, by celebrating every moment that he is still alive.

In the end, we are all terminally ill patients. Nobody makes it out of this life alive. This event is a celebration of life and all it’s beauty. and I want to celebrate with those that I care about.

It is the first evening filled with:
– Poetry
– Music
– Stand up comedy
– Monologue(s)?
whatever creative thing you want to share with a group of like minded people, bring it along and I will offer a place to share and enjoy it together.

I encourage you to bring your own material. Everybody should bring at least 1 piece that he wants to share with the group.

Here is a space for you to try it out and get feedback.

These are the things I love doing and I want to share them with you.
Please bring your own food and drinks.
When? Tuesday 30.08. from 7 -10 pm
Where? @MasterClass Studio


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