Without training, you can still be decent at acting. But acting is a craft, you train to get better and therefore become a professional.

Imagine you get an acting job without training, and you’re ecstatic. But the moment you get on set, you’re a bit lost because you have no idea or experience on a film set—how to act in front of a camera or anything of such. That’s when training comes in. Acting is a craft and if you train, you get better. Hence, gaining tips and tricks that will navigate you through the experience of being on set.

Acting is a craft, which is why it can be learned. There are tons of techniques that you can learn and decide which suits you best. Or you can see which technique works best for a certain situation. Maybe you use Chekhov’s method, perhaps Stella Adler’s or viewpoints or Meisner to give you a few.

It’s a simple fact—the more you train, the better you get, and the more you know yourself. If you already have trained before, I’d recommend keep on training. For example, if you haven’t spoken a language for a couple of years, you’re not going to be fluent as you were before. Same way, with acting, you may get rusty if you haven’t trained in a while.

So simply put, with acting training you can learn about yourself, about what kind of tools you have inside, and how to get through these tools when needed. All of this is just to get you ready. When the time comes, you know what to do. By ready, I mean, physically, your body, your mind, and your imagination. You’ll know how to analyze texts, how to work with scripts, how to create the character, and how to work with your partner in that situation.

So get some training. Train with as many people as you can because they all have different techniques and views on acting that you can learn! Good luck and keep training!


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