An acting coach might not be the first thing that springs to your mind when thinking about a life coach, they are similar and very different at the same time.

In our Fundamentals of Acting Course whether this is private or a group class we work on many different levels of your life. Let you become aware and more confident about who you are and where you want to be.

Here are the areas that an acting coach can help become your life coach:

  1. Improve your self-confidence

One of the benefits of getting to know yourself better is that you become more confident on what you want and what you don’t want. I have seen dramatic increases in my student’s self-confidence over the duration of the course.

  1. Improve your public speaking skills

In the Fundamentals of Acting Course, we don’t focus on public speaking, but we practice it a lot. I have had students come to my class who said they couldn’t speak in front of a camera or in front of people and after the first few classes don’t have any problem in that regard anymore.

  1. Find your goals

What is it that makes you happy? A lot of my students are at some point of their life where they feel stuck. They don’t know how to continue. They are unhappy with their job, with their private life and unsure on what to do next. While my function is not to tell you what to do, the exercises we are doing in the class will help you to find answers to those questions by yourself.

  1. What is it that you really want in your life?

Sometimes we don’t see the trees amidst standing in the forest. Our Fundamentals of Acting Course can help you to clear that vision. Help you to get back to yourself. Who you really are inside. What you want and why you want it.

Many of my students are disappointed of where they are at that very moment. They are looking for something and don’t know what. It feels like something is missing in their life. After joining my classes, they start to feel invigorated. They feel a new passion for their life, for their job, for their love, or know which changes they have to make in order to get what they want.

If you are looking for such a change, our Fundamentals of Acting Program may just be what you are looking for. A different kind of life coaching by getting to know yourself.

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