Meditation is an important skill for actors


While meditation is an important skill for anybody, the benefit for actors cannot be underestimated.

Most acting training includes some form of meditation.

Lying Down / Relaxation / Meditation

One of the most popular kinds of meditation is the relaxation training of the Actor’s Studio. You lie on your back. You move and subsequently relax all parts of your body. This relaxation method is nothing different than a form of mediation. I think the reason why they call this kind of mediation “Relaxation” rather than “mediation” is because in the

Walking meditation.

The walking mediation is another popular form of mediation as part of an actor’s training. In the walking mediation you walk slowly. You focus on each breathe and synchronize it with your movements. Through this you are bringing yourself to the here and now.

Sitting Mediation / Theravada / Mahayana Mediation

My directing teacher at university was an avid mediator. My fellow students told me he only sleeps for 2-3 hours every day, but meditates for another 4-5 hours. He always seemed in tune and be able to manage and assess his surrounding – whether he was looking or not. Sometimes he seemed to just be playing on his Ipad, but he always caught everything going on around him. Naturally, I was impressed by this.

My directing studies itself had been very hard on me for several reasons. During this time I took up mediation. I meditated regularly. Every day for at least 20 minutes. This period also saw a spark in my creativity and creative output. Ever since I have become a stark believer that mediation should be part of every actor’s training. Best to be applied before any given job.

Why is mediation important?

Being in the moment

Acting is all about being in the moment. Being present. Only by being present you are alive. You are not living in the past, reliving your past regrets, and not thinking about your future, but you are in the here and now. What else is meditation? Meditation is a practice to bring you into the here and now. Sometimes it is so easy to get lost in all the mental clutter. Regular meditation practice is one of the best ways to bring you back to the now.

Open your perception

By focusing on one sense, on your breathe. your senses open up. By shutting out your mental clutter you can start to perceive again.You can hear, you can see, you can feel, and because of that you can react to what is going on around you

Lessons For Life and The Actor though Mediation

Regular meditation practice can have a profound impact on a persons life, how he deals with his surrounding and his effect and attitude on other people. If you are dealing with things that you think are beyond you, or if you just want all the noise around you be tuned down, mediation can teach you some invaluable lessons. Finding by not looking.


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