This is a list of most modeling agencies in Thailand

There are literally dozens of talent agents in Thailand. New agents are springing up almost every month, while others go out of business. This is a list of the most current contacts of talent agents in Thailand.

I have been working with modeling agents in Thailand for the last 10 years. I have been trying to collect their emails and other contact information for myself as well as for others.

MasterClass Studio
We get all kind of work from commercials to movies. We work all around. As agency, doing castings, casting directors and we also have our own productions. You can send us your profile to:

Line ID: @masterclassstudio


Phone: 0869488384

I updated a list of the 8 Best Talent Agencies in Bangkok. If you are looking for people that don’t rip you off, this is a good place to start.

In recent years there has been some shifts. Initially, people were asked to send their details by email. Then things moved to Facebook. So you just had to send your profile by pm to them. Now the latest trend is sending everything by Line App. So If you want to know about jobs, it is not only important to follow the posts on Facebook, but you should also join a few line groups.

Line does not allow direct access to the id’s or to Line groups…So…I am posting the Line Id’s of talent agencies here. If you want to join the Line groups…you need to have a friend that is already member of one or the other Line Group.

I have written two articles about whether to write to all talent agents or only just work with one. I am still torn up which one is the better approach. You can Read the articles here:

Hell Yeah or Hell No! 

This article argues to contact all talent agents in Thailand

Or…How to Fix a Broken System

Here I argue to go exclusive… Any thoughts? Message me or leave your comment below.

If you like to learn how to correctly submit your profile to an agent click here.

Modeling Agents in Thailand with Line IDs

As I mentioned before, Line becomes more and more important as method of communication between artists and their talent agencies in Thailand. These are the current Line Id’s of agents that I have.

For Gug from By Us he uses his phone number for his Line account: 086777836

s.gubgamzii  next_film  Fmodeling
traboo  nadda007, popmee  asiamo
ModelsCafe  kkmodeling  cherryagency
Bemodelbk  cutemodel201 paulmodeling
jaevich plukpluem99 @kkgroup
sportgirl999  thanyasa1982  Touchiiez
marco-model  Goodluckjas  starmodels
Shalomclub  Starsearch  hopeorigin
@mgm6529y  @theyourmodel  thanyasa1982
farfarawayz  Marco-model  Aamirharri
amuayzeed  aebetterman
golfartistt  Kookai307  @gchicagency
boombank84  titus.model  artzcasting


Modeling Agents in Thailand that like to be contacted through Facebook

While there is already a huge number of agents that can be contacted through Line and should give you access to a wide market, there are also agents that like to be contacted through Facebook. Here is a list of those that I have:

If you know any other agent that likes to be contacted through Facebook, drop me a line @ or Line ID robinschroeter


Last but not least: agents in Thailand with Email Accounts

If that was not enough…you still have agents in Thailand that like to be contacted through ‘traditional’ means such as good old email. Here is a list of those agents:

Modeling Agent Name Contact Name Email Addresss
A Plus Modeling Victoria
Ah Bee Casting
Airvory Agency
Akku Casting and Agency
Asia Modeling Tony
Aura Management Khun Sonie
B Model Fashion
B Model Fashion
Bangkok Video Productions Khun Jenny
Candy Group Modeling Khun Jeab
Century Ware Khun Sesiri
Citrus Talent
Cool Modeling Roy
Cool Modeling
Cute Modeling
Dreamhouse Models
F Modeling Nano
Famous Models
Fluid Agency Mr Kaprice
Fretwork Productions
Gamdang Khun Som
Gram Torino
Greyington Productions
Hi Way Star
House Modeling Gary
Interdome Khun Kathawut
Iyara Film “Khun Joe”
Jane Jane
Jim Modeling
Jos Fine Art Jos
Kidz Talent
Kenny Models Kenny
Khun Aamir
Khun Aey
Khun Amy
Khun Amy
Khun Ben
Khun Cat
Khun Jack
Khun Kupong
Khun Kwan
Khun Nattiyapa
Khun Pam
Khun Pemika
Kiss Models Khun Ae
KK Group Modeling
Legend Castings
Massy Models Katha
Maya Modeling Khun Ae
Maya Modeling
Maya Modeling
Mega Talent Agency
Model Fashion
Model Story “Napat”
Modeling Soi 4 Nicky
Modeling Soi 4
Models In Asia
Nok Models
Pa Ying Pa Ying
Pulse Modeling
Rina’s Modeling Rina
Real Features
Red Modeling
Siam Modeling
Star Modeling
Starlight Modeling
Talent Café Thai
Tantalize Casting
Tay Models Alex
Tiger Casting Emer
Toabh Management
Top Models Management Khun Chakkapong commercial@topmodelsm
Uni Act Modeling
Urban Faces
Vivaldi PR
Wind Up Films Khun Jae
Wind Up Films Mr Joshua
Wow Productions
Khun Alisa
Mr Baso
Khun Candeeza
Khun Qiw
Mr Haqim
Khun Im
Khun Kittiwut
Mr Mahsid
Khun Marek
Khun Natakorn
Khun Nonie
Mr Paul
Khun Ploy
Khun Kook Kik
Casting Directors that accept direct submission of profiles:
Khun Honey

As you can see this list is quite extensive. Please excuse me if one or the other contact is not working anymore. Since there are so many agents the pool of agents is always in a flux. This list was last updated on 26.01.2018

If you find any contact that is not working anymore or would like to recommend a new agency, let me know @ or Line ID robinschroeter


Do you want to know how to become an actor / model in Thailand? Check out this video or this article How To Become an Actor in Thailand:

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