Here are 6 easy steps that will help you how to correctly submit your profile to an agent in Thailand:

1. Create a Comp Card

Sending an agent in Thailand your profile is easier than you think

Easy ways to send an agent in Thailand your profile.

You can do this easily by going to this website and follow the instructions:

2. Compile basic information about yourself to make life of your agent in Thailand simpler:

Height: cm
Weight: Kg
Shoe Size:
Shirt Size:
Pants Size:
Special Talents:
Mobile Phone Number:

3. Create an Actor’s ResumeSample Actor's Resume

Robin Schroeter Actors Resume Selected 01.02.2016
If you have some experience you may want to create an Actor’s Resume to keep track of what you have done. And also to let people know what references you have.
Important: don’t boast! If you were an extra on a movie, don’t put that movie into your references saying you acted in that movie. Only featured parts or credited acting parts count. If you played a part, it is worth mentioning which part you played.
Here is an example of an actor’s resume:
What’s next?

4. Send a polite email to your agent in ThailandStandardEmailText

Here is a list of all agents with emails that you can contact:
What should you mention in your email?Screen shot 2016 02 01 at 8.52.53 PM
Your email should mention what kind of work you are interested in and what you would like your agent to present you for: Extra work, Dance work, Featured Work, Acting for TVCs, Fashion, Acting for TV / Soaps, Acting for Film, etc.
It should also contain the information that I put under “2.”, especially important is your contact information.
in the attachment should be your Comp Card and your Actor’s Resume (if you don’t have an Actor’s Resume don’t worry)
Once you have prepared the email containing all the information above with a pleasant note like, “I am looking forward to hearing from you!” Send out your email!
Now…all you can do is…:

5. Wait…

Wait for your agent in Thailand to do their job and present you to their clients. It may take 1 week, 1 month or more than that for them to get back to you.

6. Update your information.

Every 2-3 months you should provide your agent with an updated resume and pictures. You look may have changed, you may have gained more experience…What is important is that you stay in their mind. Don’t be too pushy asking them every 5 minutes or every week if they have a new job for you, but if you remind them every month, or two, or three, that you are still there and eager to work the jobs may start flowing in.


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