I mentioned before how important it is to have decent headshots taken of yourself. This is a great opportunity to get them for free!

Mikael Ranta has just opened his own studio close the Sutthisarn MRT station. He offers to take your pictures there for free!

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Mikael Ranta;s studio is just a 10 Minute motorbike ride from the MRT station Sutthisarn and thus very easy to reach.

Apart from being a really nice guy, Mikael has all the equipment available to take good shots. An excellent camera and good lighting equipment.

Free? It’s a barter deal!

Right now he offers a barter deal for the models and actors he works with: He takes your pictures and edits them. After that you get your pictures and he will sell them on pages like Shutterstock. At this point you don’t get any money, but usually it is quite expensive to have good pictures taken of yourself. You will get around 100 pictures with different moves and costumes.

Custumes and Props – even a cat!

Mikael has a number of different costumes available that you can try on as well as probs that you can play around with. If you are lucky and go soon you also get a chance to see his cute baby kitten. I was lucky to have this shot taken of me with the kitten.

Robin Picture Kitten

Mikael is very open to adapt the shoot to your needs. If there is a certain look of theme that works for you, he is more than happy to tkae pictures in the costumes and styles that fit best to you.

Which character works for you?

I realised that currently I get more jobs for fathers and business men. Thus I asked him to take pictures of me in that mood and tone. It is good to have some idea of which characters work for you before you are going to see him.

Having good headshots is your door into the foot of the casting. The first thing the Casting Director and the Director will see of you is your headshot. Hence, the importance of having good headshots of yourself cannot be underestimated if you want a try at becoming an actor / model.


What makes a good headshot?

In a good headshot your face should be evenly lit. It should reveal the person seeing it your inner most soul of who you are.

Different lighting effects, backlighting, or uneven lighting can have interesting effects on your face, but they should be avoided in headshots.

A headshot should tell a story. Simple, direct and straightforward.


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