Comp Card for Actors

This is an example of a comp card

A tip for you when you make your own Comp Card. When Agent/Coordinator/Production ask for “COMP CARD” It’s ONE “JPG” (or PDF) file, where are you combine minimum 5 your best fresh (for last 6 months) photos. 1- Portrait with clear face, NO Sunglasses, NO Hats, NO half face covered with hair, NO Selfie, NO […]

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Submit your profile to an agent in Thailand?

Easy steps for subimitting your profile to agents in Thailand

Here are 6 easy steps that will help you how to correctly submit your profile to an agent in Thailand: 1. Create a Comp Card You can do this easily by going to this website and follow the instructions: or 2. Compile basic information about yourself to make life of your agent in […]

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