There are many different ways to find jobs in the field of acting for films and TVCs. Here are some ways on how to find acting jobs in Thailand:

1) Facebook groups

The best way, also the most common way is through Facebook groups. There are a lot of Facebook groups where people share and post new projects and jobs in Thailand. If you search ‘acting Thailand’ and ‘casting Thailand’ on Facebook, you’ll find job postings that you can reply to, email to, and send your profile to.

2) Line groups

Similar to Facebook, there are different Line groups where people share jobs and you can find jobs. Though the problem with Line groups is that you need to be invited to them. Once you’re invited, you can easily view the job postings and apply to whatever jobs appeal to your liking. Though in order to be invited to the groups, you will need friends and connections who will invite you.

3) Establish Connection

Another way is that you need to have connections, build a network to find acting jobs in Thailand. So maybe go on Facebook, find some gigs and some information and then make connections there. Ask people to add you to LIne groups and that way you can find more jobs.

4) My website

Now, this is definitely self-promotion, but a pretty useful one. My website has a list of different agencies that are active. I recommend sending your profile to all of the agencies because you never know who can get you the job.

5) Network

Like anywhere else, network and connection are pretty important, especially in the acting industry. The bigger your network is, the more likely you are the hear about projects. Keep in touch with these people, and add them on Facebook to keep up with them and the projects that may be in the talks.

Good Luck!


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