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Here you can find all blog posts I wrote on My name is Robin Schroeter. I have been working as actor in Thailand for almost a decade. Through this blog I am sharing my experience with you. I give you tips and tricks how to tweak your profile and how to make it in the Film Industry in Thailand. Peace and out!

Voice Over Jobs in Bangkok to Supplement your Income

Have you ever done any voice over jobs in Bangkok? Voice over jobs can be a nice way to supplement your income in Bangkok. Voice over companies are always looking for new talent. The population in Bangkok is always fluctuating and voice over companies are always...

Get New Headshots! For Free! Contact Mikael Ranta

I mentioned before how important it is to have decent headshots taken of yourself. This is a great opportunity to get them for free! Mikael Ranta has just opened his own studio close the Sutthisarn MRT station. He offers to take your pictures there for free!    ...


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