I finished my book…Yay!

It is now for sale on our webpage:

I put a ton of information about how to get started as an actor in Thailand into this book. Altogether 14 years of Experience of becoming and being an actor in Thailand packed into 1 book: A 15-Step-Guide How to Become an Actor in Thailand

In the book I lead you through 15 Proven Steps that helped me establish myself as an actor in Thailand. This Guide includes amongst others detailed advice of:

– Where to start + which steps to take
– Where to take professional headshots at below market price
– How to find an agent in Thailand
– What information to provide to agents
– How to find voice over work
– How to build your network from scratch
– How to expand + grow your network the right way
– Where to train:
– acting
– stunts
And, of course, Where to find Acting Jobs
….And Much More….

In addition to this I will tell you about:
– Why and where to learn Thai
– Visa issues
– Rates for Actors
– Do’s and Don’ts on a Film Set
– Self made actors

That is still not all! On top of that you get as Bonus:
– Access to our Compcard maker
– A List of All Agents
– List of All FB Groups with Acting Job Posts
– An Email Template to send to potential agents that makes you look professional
– A Professional Actor’s Resume Template


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