If you found this video you are probably looking for acting classes in Bangkok.

I am here to tell you, you have come to the right place.

My name is Robin Schroeter and I am an acting coach, actor and director living in Bangkok, Thailand. Together with my wife, I have started MasterClass Studio, the performing arts school and creative learning space in 2018.

The good news is…we survived Covid.Yay! We are still here! Yay!

In the next part I am going to give you some information on our Fundamentals of Acting Course.

If you would like to know when the next Fundamentals of Acting course is going to start or the details of the course, just send me an email to robin@masterclass-studio.com

The Fundamentals of Acting Course was designed by Warunya Soontorntae and is one of the most comprehensible acting programs that I know. The course itself is three months long. One time per week. Usually on a Saturday or Sunday. Each class is 3+ hours long.

The course is progressive so each class builds on the one before that.

There are three main sections to the course:
1. The Human Essences part
1. Where we guide each of our students goes on a journey to discover themselves. You get used to the process of an actor of exploration, explanation and expression.
2. After that we go into dialogue. We explore what dialogue is and then start to work with scripts, how to analyze a script.
1. Then we go into scene work.
In this part of the class we explore how to work with our partner. There is much more responsibility on you in this part of the class. To learn your lines, to meet up with your scene partner and rehearse to be prepared for the class.
1. The final part of the course is the showcase performance.
The showcase is essential to the course as you have to apply everything that you have learned and put it to the test. The usually also is one of the most satisfactory parts of the course. There is nothing that compares to the energy before, during and after putting on a show.

That is our Fundamentals of Acting Course in a nutshell. After that we have our Advanced and Intensive Acting Courses which will give you even more tools for your actor’s toolbox.

Feel free to contact me under 0869488394 or send me an email to robin@masterclass-studio.com if you would like to sign up for our Fundamentals of Acting Course.

See you soon!


More information on how to enter the acting industry in Thailand: https://youtu.be/IVd-hLvZ8ww


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I hardly know anybody who prepares themselves this well for any part.

Now it is his time to shine as the main villain in this new movie. His first main part.

You can’t force it. But you can work towards it. To make sure you are ready when the occasion comes around.

The worst thing to do is to sit around idly while dreaming of your chance to shine.

Just like a fighter. You need to train to be ready when your chance comes around.

Just like Nobu who made sure he was ready, because you never know when your chance arises.

You need patience, dedication and passion.

Don’t wait for your chance. Make it happen.


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