Becoming an actor takes patience and dedication.

If you think you can take one acting class and learn all there is to know about the craft, think again. It takes years to perfect your skills, to find your niche. Our lives are not a Rocky movie where you train for 1 month and become the boxing champion of the world.

That is simply not how it works.

You train. You win. You train. You fail. You get back up. You try some more. You practice. You become better. You become good. You fail. You get back up. You try again. You learn some more. Repeat.

Do you think you can become a stock broker in 3 months? No. It takes years of experience.

Here is a little story of one my students for you, whom I admire for his dedication and patience.

He started taking classes with me 3 years ago, pre-covid. After the first class I coached him through the audition for the Movie “Kate” which was being shot in Thailand and he got the part. His first speaking part in a Hollywood movie.

He continued the classes and his training.

Every week he would come to me and ask me “Sensei, do you have a job for me?” I didn’t. That is not how things work.

A few months later he received another speaking part in the series WU Assasins. Two speaking parts in Hollywood productions within one year.

That was not bad.

Then Covid hit.

Which was a disaster for the film industry in Thailand.

Nobu continued his studies. Now becoming my teaching assistant. Eager to learn more about the craft in a time where there were but very few jobs. Nobu continued accent reduction classes with Nathan Mills as well as taking online lessons with Hollywood’s own Wendy Alane Wright, whom he introduced to MasterClass Studio. On top of that he took stunt acting classes with Ron Smoorenburg. All of this while working a full time job.

Then mid 2021 he was cast for a Thai mini-series with Nimit Pipitakul (P’Nued), whom I worked with a long time ago on the Live Action Show the Bridge on the River Kwai. The production was delayed. Nobu had to go back to Japan and just barely made it back to the shoot. He faced A LOT of obstacles on his way back but he was determined to be here for the shoot no matter what it takes.

It was not about the money he made from that project. But it was his first chance back in the movies after the dry-spell during Covid. Nobu was ready. He had trained for this.

Here are some excerpt of his work.

It was the first time that he was able to act in Japanese and his scenes stand out in this mini series. His acting is a pleasure for the viewers.

Then Nobu and my second Japanese student, Hiro both got cast for a series of funny commercials:

Early 2022, Nobu was contacted by the casting director of another movie. They saw his work in the mini series, found him on Facebook and wanted him to cast as the main villain for their movie.

That is the project that Nobu is working on right now. 3 years after his first acting class and minor speaking parts in big productions, was cast as the main villain for this movie. His first main part.

Through his dedication, training and passion, he continued to follow his dream through all obstacles.

I hardly know anybody who prepares themselves this well for any part.

Now it is his time to shine as the main villain in this new movie. His first main part.

You can’t force it. But you can work towards it. To make sure you are ready when the occasion comes around.

The worst thing to do is to sit around idly while dreaming of your chance to shine.

Just like a fighter. You need to train to be ready when your chance comes around.

Just like Nobu who made sure he was ready, because you never know when your chance arises.

You need patience, dedication and passion.

Don’t wait for your chance. Make it happen.


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