There is a lot of negativity that happens on set— whether it’s the food, the weather, working hours, or people. Here’s how to stay positive on a film set!

1) Identify people

To stay positive on a film set, you need to avoid people who are too negative. If you find someone who gossips all the time and spreads negativity, the thing to do is steer clear of them. Do that politely and just find a different spot to sit.

2) Find positive people

Find people are positive. There is always going to be someone who has a positive mindset. All you need to do is find them, then talk to them. It’ll make a difference because you can gain experience from them and also have your spirits lifted by their positivity. It’s a good start for when you have to get ready and film.

3) Make most of your time on set

On-set is such a good place to learn. You have so much time at hand and if you identify positive people who are willing to share their knowledge with you, that’s great. You can make most of your time by learning from others, whether it’s a new skill or making your acting reel or learning some new moves.

Another way to make most of your time on set is to take a book with you or a Kindle. Read and learn. There’s endless knowledge out there waiting to be leaned. Approach it. Embrace it. Consume it.

4) Think positive

Think about all the positive things that are going around you already. You’reon set. You’vemade it. This is what you really wanted. And so many people are working hard on set to make you shine. Appreciate them. See the A.D, the director, the cameraman. All the people behind that are doing their best to make you look good. And the best thing you can do is appreciate it, think positive, be positive, and let your light shine.

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