All of the people I know that have been successful in the industry constantly keep track of their work. So, here’s why you should follow up on your acting roles as well:

1. You can use the material for your showreel

Follow up on your acting roles by collecting the works you have been a part of, whether it’s in TVCs or a role as an extra or a voiceover job—anything that shows your talent as an actor. When the work you’ve done is released, look for it, download a copy, always have one with you. Try searching for it on websites for the company you worked for or even ask the director or your agent if they know where you can access it. You can then use it to make your showreel.

2. You can build an actor’s resume

If you follow up on your acting roles, you can build your resume. The more acting credentials you can add in your resume, the better. It shows your experience as well as your acting capability/talent.

3. It shows your dedication

Follow up on your acting roles to show you’re dedicated to what you do. It also shows that you’re proud of your work. Sometimes, it’s not easy finding your work but when you do, keeping up with it definitely pays off.
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