To be perfectly honest, there are a lot of crooks out there working as so-called talent agencies. A lot of people that want to cheat you out of your money and take a higher cut.

Here are the 8 best talent agencies that I have worked with before and have made good experiences with:

  1. MasterClass Studio

We do a lot of agency work.

MasterClass Studio is specialized on international productions for commercials, TVCs, film / movies.

We work all around.

MasterClass Studio is a talent agency in Bangkok, Thailand. At the same time we do castings, provide experienced international casting directors, and we also have our own productions.

Contact MasterClass Studio Casting Agency:

Line ID: @masterclassstudio


Phone: +66869488384


2. Bo Booker
Bo gets a lot of good international jobs. He used to be a talent agent only, but now he is working as casting director as well. As talent agent Bo will fight for your money and make sure you get a good rate. He works on movies, especially French ones, and commercials.
Line id is: 1plus1agency

The other :
Line / IG / fb: bo.booker.bkk

3. Gug – ByUs Modeling

Gug is a good talent agent. He friendly and forthcoming. Gug pays on time and if he is free he will be there with you on set. If you don’t have a ride, he may even give you a ride back home. His standard statement for all jobs is: “The Most Urgent Task…”

4. Jane

Jane has been in the film industry for as long as I can remember and probably a bit longer. She works as talent agency on movie and commercial projects and also does a lot of extra-work. Jane is always friendly and professional and takes good care of her talents on set.

Line: Janemodeling


5. Ae Fatman – Maya Modeling

Another veteran talent agent of the industry. From the feedback I have received over the years, he has never cheated anybody, always paid on time and is there on set with you most of the time. And yes, his Line ID says Ae Fatman, and yes, he is a fat man – and proud of it.


Phone: 085 180 2211

Line ID: Fatman

6. Candy Group Modeling

Candy Group Modeling gets a lot of jobs for kids, but they also find jobs for adults. They will setup an appointment with you and have your headshots taken (for free). Candy Group Modeling don’t give you the headshots, but it makes sure that your pictures are up to date and high quality. They are professional to work with.

fb: candygroupmodeling
(phone) 0-2001-2673

7. Fay Modeling

I personally have never worked with Fay, but my friends in the industry have worked with her and trust her. As talent agent she is reliable and gets a lot of work.

Phone: 0941642952
Line ID: famousmodels
IG: famousmodels

8. Tori Lao-Lee

Tori is another veteran in the field. She takes care of special talents, like dancers, stunt men and other special talents for events, music videos and movies, of course. Tori’s a sweetheart with a lot of experience.


Now that I look back, all of the above, including myself, have held their talent agencies in this industry for a long time. We have proven ourselves in the field and stood out through reliability and connections.

It is mostly the new talent agencies that cause trouble and are unreliable because they are trying to get a foothold in the industry and don’t know yet how this industry works. So be wary of new agents. The ones above are the ones I trust.

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