Here is a transformative Salsa Dance Workshop at MasterClass Studio
in cooperation with AsiAfrica Foundation AsiAfrica Dance Academy and
#InternationalDanceCouncil – CID UNESCO.

“Salsa” as we know it, is probably one of the most extraordinary music and dance expressions ever created.

The wealth of history, culture, knowledge, philosophy, social science, musicality and timing related to Salsa is unparalleled and far beyond what people usually know about salsa at parties, social events, and congresses.

Salsa can have educational and transformative power.

Participants will learn how to:

– Unlock the secrets of timing
– Understand energy generation and transmission in salsa dancing
– Learn fundamental basic steps
– Discover the unique variety of Salsa music from Africa to Cuba, to Cuba to America and from America to the world.

This workshop is not only for beginners. Those who already know how to dance will also benefit from the “Concept” and Insight from more than 30 years of experience.

Do not be missed.


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