Most people believe that “confidence” is a personality trait that can be developed. Most people believe that confidence is a skill that can be trained through tricks, processes and mindsets. Most people believe that confidence will enhance their performance and ability to create success.

The truth is that confidence becomes readily available to everyone when they develop a deeper understanding of how the mind works.
People can perform at their highest levels and create success effortlessly without needing to feel confident first.

In this workshop, we are going to take a fresh look at the source of confidence, and how to make it available to every area of your life.

You will leave this workshop knowing;

A deeper understanding of confidence; where it comes from and how to make yourself more available to it.

A deeper understanding of the mind and where your experience
is coming from.

Where in your life you are letting the idea “needing to be confident” hold you back from your success.

This, in turn, will allow you to;

Create a lasting sense of natural confidence by allowing yourself to be more available to it.

Create success in your life with less stress, a greater sense of ease, and have more fun in the process.

Improve your performance at work and at home. Be bolder in the actions you take towards your inspirations, dreams and vision.


Date: 25th August 2019
Place: Master Class Studio (Lad Phrao Soi 25)
Contact: Robin Schroeter (Owner)
Cost: 1,000 Baht


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