You should consider taking acting classes, if you are serious about acting.

And you are lucky, because these days there are a lot more acting classes on offer than used to be. Especially, if you are considering English language classes.

So who is out there?

MasterClass Studio offers the Best Acting Classes for Adults and Children

MasterClass Studio offers acting classes for children and adults of all skill levels. Robin Schroeter has an MA in Directing and has been active in Film and Theatre for more than 10 years.

Contact MasterClass Studio for more information about acting classes here:

or Email them: or call 0869488384

MasterClass Studioo is located on Ladprao 25 with is a five minute walk from the MRT Ladprao.

John Marengo

Really nice guy. One of my first acting classes. Good insights. Trained actor, lanugage / dialect coach.

Kaprice Kea

Film maker, agent and casting director. Teaches basic and medium acting classes.

Thierry Bleu

The one with training from NY. A lot of people swear by him and take his classes continually.

Arts on Location

Twice a year week-long acting workshops by international coaches. Teach you really weird shit that you usually can’t get your hands on. Definitely not the ‘classic method’ but so much more if you are serious about performing than ‘just another acting class’. Teaches you how to become a wholesome performer using all aspects of your body, voice, mind, and emotions. Weird shit before, best acting classes I have ever taken and eternally grateful.

Culture Collective

Loni Berry. Trained and has a studio by the river.

Spark Drama

If your Thai is reasonable, you may also consider Thai language acting classes. Try Spark Drama Academy. They offer ongoing acting workshops by industry professionals. Good for networking and to get in touch with the Thai side of the industry. With other words, if you want to be more than just another stupid farang taking acting workshops by other farang operating in a bubble of non-thai speakers, this is something for you.

You can get a certificate in Film from SAE, which will also involve some acting classes.

This certificate will be internationally recognized. A lot of people that are active in the Thai Film industry got their degree from SAE. It has definitely become a household name. However, the certificate will focus on film-making, not just on acting.

AND…if you are really serious about acting and still young and speak Thai fluently, you may consider a degree in drama from one of these Thai Universities:

Bangkok University

Most practical

Chulalongkorn University

The big name in Thailand, but a lot of theory

Srinakarin Wirot

Just a great uni in the center of Bangkok

Mahidol University

Beautiful campus out at Salaya. Some very good drama teachers are operating there.

Chiang Mai University

Mor Burapa

This one is in Cholburi. Some of my friends are teaching there. A very open environment a bit off the track.

Do you find out more about how to become an actor in Thailand? Check out this article: How to get into the film industry in Thailand.

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