Are you looking for private or group acting workshops for kids in BKK?

We would love to be at your service offering acting workshops for kids!

First stop for acting workshops for kids in Bangkok

Acting Workshops for kids in Bkk.

My wife, June, and I are both theatre and acting professionals with industry experience. We are working together as a coaching team. We dedicate ourselves fully to our task and adapt our approach to the needs of your child.

Does your child have an audition for Premiere coming up? Or do you want your kid to gain more confidence? Better public speaking skills?

We are the best option for professional acting workshops for children in Bangkok

Acting Workshops for Children in Bangkok

June has taught acting workshops for children ever since she graduated from Bangkok University 5 years ago. She is experienced in setting up her own curriculum and working with both experienced and inexperienced child actors. She has worked with children both in Bangkok and upcountry creating and devising plays, improving their communication skills and level of confidence.


My personal background is in theatre. Then, I moved to film while being in Thailand. I studied directing at Chulalongkorn University. During my studies we had several projects with children and it opened up my eyes and my heart to the younger generation.

Personally, I am an actor, director, language and acting coach. So far I specialized mainly on coaching German movies that are shooting here in Thailand. On our most recent project, MKI, my wife and I coached the two main Thai child actors for a period of 2 months. This was the first time we worked as a coaching team.

We loved the time on set and dedicated ourselves to coaching Faris and Guitar. To our surprise the director asked everyone to give us applause on our last day. This was a very moving moment and reassured us that this is the direction we should take.

June and I are both graduates in Performing Arts. She has a BA in Acting and I have an MA in Directing. We love theatre, we love acting, we love the arts, the creativity and we love children. We now offer group and private acting classes for children in Bangkok.


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Or call me: +66869488384

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