Now I have a little boy, I am interested to find out which agents for children there are out there.

I found that there are much less agents for children than agents for adults. And they have divided the market among them. Most of them are reachable either through Facebook or through line. Only few have a website or even email; yes, we are moving on to a new era!

What are you looking for in an agent for children?

Especially when trusting an agent with your kid, you want them to be caring, supportive and nurturing. Your little one is your one and only, so I think it is very important to work with an agency that you can trust and not just ‘anyone’. Most parents have a similar

While there are 3 dozens of agencies for grown ups in Bangkok, there are only 5 main agents for children (and a few smaller ones that were suggested to me, but which I didn’tknow, but put here in the list). Here are the ones that I found:

Candy Modeling

I like Candy Modeling. I have worked with them before, since they also represent grown-ups; alas to a much lesser extent. They are professional in their approach and attitude. They ask you to come in and have your pictures taken at their studio, so they have original pictures of you, not some that you edited yourself. They are very problem-solving oriented. Any time I had a problem Khun Jiab would always make it go away without ever getting personal – or feeling personally offended.




Phone: 02 001 2673


Gamdang Modeling

I have been with Gamdang for a long time, but have never worked with them. They have always been friendly to me and they look professional. They have a website, too, which I appreciate. They also reply in a timely manner.




Banrukdek Modeling

Similar to Gamdang, I have never worked with Banrukdek, simply because they only specialize on children. I have seen them on Facebook for some time, so I have been aware of them. Thus, I know they are among the biggest 3 agencies for children (Candy and Gamdang being the other two in the top 3)



Mobile: 090 974 8164

Cute Modeling


Famous Modeling

Fay is a known and fair entity in the Thai modeling / agent world. She is good and reliable…aaaand…I just found out she also represents children.

Mobile / Line: 0941642953 0909626252


SMS Top Model



Mobile: 0865331443 (Miew)


Agents for Children that were suggested to me by others but which I don’t know personally:


Phone: 029199028

Facebook Click Here


Kin Chawin

Mobile / LineID: 0941936514


Qeww Athiwit



ชุติมันต์ บุรานนท์ (Ae Buranon)



If you have any experience, good or bad, with any agencies. Let me know! Or also…if you know that I forgot one or the other good agency!


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