Bangkok is a city that lacks arts and culture!

That’s what I thought when I first came to Thailand. You see all the skyscrapers and the big billboards. Millions of people on public transportation. Another million in cars and taxis. And unlike in Europe where arts and culture are always present. You know where the theatres are, there are billboards with the latest shows, galleries promote their art very visible, it is all more hidden in Bangkok.

It takes time to find out where things are happening.

Where to go, where is what taking place? Concerts? Theatre? Art exhibitions? Why isn’t there a website? Where are arts and culture happening in Bangkok? How to get this kind of information!

Jack Gitting’s Newsletter

One of the easiest overviews of artistic events happening in Bangkok is by subscribing to Jack Gittings’s bi-weekly newsletter. Just drop jack an email at: and ask him to subscribe you to his newsletter. Every two weeks you will get a comprehensive update on artistic events in your mailbox.

All the information from his newsletter can also be found on this (not that beautiful, but very functional) google calendar also provided by Jack:

I have had two or three rare occasions to bump into Jack when watching a play and he is a really nice and decent guy. He has been keeping his newsletter up for many years and is one of the Bangkok legends.

Subscribing to Jack’s Newsletter is definitely a good way to keep up to date on Arts and Culture in Bangkok.

Bangkok Theatre Calendar

Personally, I am also trying to keep up with the latest theatre events in Bangkok. On this very website namely here:

You can see at what time and what day the plays are happening and if you click on it you can see more details about the event. I take the information from Facebook events that people create. Most of the Thai plays are posted on this Facebook Group Theatre Shows and Workshops in Bangkok So join it if you want to keep up to date – a lot of postings are in Thai, though. 🙂

Bangkok Post + The Nation

Both, the Bangkok Post and the Nation always have a section about arts and culture. The Bangkok Post calls it Lifestyle, while the Nation calls it Life. So it’s still handy to fall back on a paper version of either newspaper if you are looking for artistic and cultural events for the evening.

Their online versions take a bit of time wrestling with to find the information you are looking for. You can still try:

Bangkok Post: Bangkok Post’s Event Listing, Section on Entertainment, Art and Culture and Galleries and their general section on Lifestyle

The Nation: The Nation’s Life Section about Art and Culture

BAM! Bangkok Art Map

There is both the Facebook page and the website of BAM! Where you can find information about the latest art exhibitions.

Those are the sources that I use. If you have any other sources for arts and culture and cultural events, let me know or just leave a comment


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