What can be done to improve the situation for talents, production companies and agents in Thailand? We need more Transparency!

A lot of actors and models complain about the agents, a lot of agents complain about actors and models. A lot of actors and models complain about the production companies and their standards, a lot of production companies complain about the non-professional talents. There is way too little transparency of what is going on.

There is a lot of misunderstanding going on on all sites. Some of it comes from cultural differences, difficulty to communicate in one language or another, a different outlook on the world, what is ethical and what is not.

Ignorance is a bliss – or not.

Some issues come up because people ‘just don’t know’. This counts for either side. Actors and models don’t know what the agents and production companies expect of them. Agents don’t know what their talent expects of them, and production companies don’t know what the talent expects. A lot of misunderstandings happen.

Misunderstandings where neither side is willing to give in and admit that they just didn’t know can lead to conflict. And once you’re in a conflict it’s not that easy to get out in a way that makes either side happy. Most likely you’ll end up saying you never want to work with this or that person again.

How to prevent this?

Communication, obviously, but an important part that needs to happen – and happens much too seldom – is: More Transparency.

Transparency from all sides. About the jobs, about what is expected, about what either side needs.

What can you do?

A friend of mine started this industry wide survey and I would like to ask you to participate in it.

Production: http://bit.ly/helloproductionen
Actors and Models: http://bit.ly/hellocasten

Production: http://bit.ly/helloproduction
Actors and Models: http://bit.ly/hellocast

What is the survey about?

He asks both sides about their opinions. What they expect, what they need and what their grievances are. This way we can open up a channel of communication to improve the situation for everybody.

The results of the survey will be published and distributed among talents, agents as well as production companies.

This may not be a lot, but it is a first step to improve the communication between the production and the talents. And I think it is an important step to take.

So if you can spare 5 minutes of your time, please take this survey.


Actors and Models: http://bit.ly/hellocasten

Production: http://bit.ly/helloproductionen


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