A tip for you when you make your own Comp Card.

When Agent/Coordinator/Production ask for “COMP CARD”

You can make your own compcard on: compcard.actors-thailand.com

It’s ONE “JPG” (or PDF) file, where are you combine minimum 5 your best fresh (for last 6 months) photos.
1- Portrait with clear face, NO Sunglasses, NO Hats, NO half face covered with hair, NO Selfie, NO with somebody behind you.
2 – Half body.
3 – Full body.
Photo 4 & 5 – can be any your best photos from previous jobs, here can sunglasses, hats, interesting background, underwater, because its from previous jobs.

Also compcard include “PROFILE DETAILS” (every country are different, here request for ASIA):
-Height cm
-Weight kg
–Chest cm
–Waist cm
–Hips cm
-Shoes Size

Comp card can include more that 5 photos in 1 file.

If you don’t have (Agent also ask 5+++ photos), you can send 5 different your best photos, in same request as above and profile details. And, please, NO NEED to send 100 of your photos.

Try to choose minimum 5 photos of yourself with 5 different looks.

On the photo we need to see only you, without friends/relatives.

Agent can ask additional thing, depend on client needs for upcoming job.
-Age (Jobs about ALCOHOL request talents 21 year up)
Some talents can look younger or older, the information about age not necessary will be present to client. This need for Agency/Production for correct manage.
-Phone number.
-Email address.
-Photo in underwear/bikini (for specific request)
-Selfie(!) Yes, sometimes, Agent/Production/Client ask for selfie right now. To be sure person on the comcard and in real life are the same. Some of the photos we received have to much PHOTOSHOP.
-Photo without make up.
– additional skills (stunt/driver/swimming/diving/dancing/muscular body/fighter/weapon skills/etc)


– for MODELS – we need body to present the product.
– for ACTORS – we need emotions and character to play the role.

And you can refresh/update your compcards and information about yourself, NOT every day, at least every 3-6 month. In Different country this time can be 2 week – 6 months.

Thank you for your time.
Look forward for good friendship and successful co-operation.
“WillTory” alias Tori Lao-Lee

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