MasterClass Studio is the best location and professional studio for actors and industry professionals to get their headshots and professional portfolio shoot.

If you are looking forward to having your headshots taken in Bangkok, look no further. MasterClass Studio offers a cozy atmosphere and professional services to get your high quality headshots in Bangkok.

If you are an actor, professional headshots are the first footstep into the door of any casting. You need good pictures to sell yourself. The same counts, even if more subtly, for any industry professional. The first impression your clients get from you, be it on your website or on your social media accounts is from your pictures. Your pictures can draw people in or can push them away.

At MasterClass Studio we offer you a friendly and warm atmosphere that helps you relax to open up and show the reel you through your pictures. That is what people want to see.

Our services start at 4,000 Baht for one session which can be between 1-2 hours. You can bring 2-3 outfits and we will send you all pictures that turn out well in digital form.

Book your session now through this link and receive a 20% discount instantly!

Profile Shoot / Headshots at MasterClass Studio Bangkok

Profile Shoot / Headshots at MasterClass Studio Bangkok


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