What is the standard minimum rate for models in Thailand? If you are modeling in Thailand you may ask yourself: How much should I get for a cat walk? Is this rate acceptable?

While there is no written law as to what the minimum rate for models in Thailand is, there are best practices.

People tend to get a certain budget for certain jobs and that is what I am going to propose in the following as the standard minimum rate for models in Thailand. I have consulted several models to gather together what they consider the standard minimum rate for models in Thailand.

Different kinds of Photoshoots and the minimum rate for models in Thailand:

Regular Photoshoot

8,000 THB in your hand for a photoshoot day (6-8 hours or so, which is roughly 1,000 then per hour) (10,500-11,000 including agency fee)

Lingerie / Swimwear Shoot

10,000-12,000 THB in your hand for a lingerie/swimwear shoot (or 1,500 – 2,000 thb per hour) (13,000-16,000 including agency fee)

Fashion / Lifestyle / Fitness Shoot

10,000-12,000 THB in your hand would be fair for fashion/lifestyle/fitness shoot, as well as for catalogue/look book with a same amount of clothes, say, not more than 20-25 pieces of clothing. (13,000-16,000 including agency fee)

Promo Photo Campaign

If it’s a promo photo campaign for a brand with prints etc then budgets are more or less comparable to the tvcs, but usually on the cheaper side. And of course that depends on how big the brand is and on which territories the campaign will be held.


Also from what I heard if it’s a proper billboard it shouldn’t be less than 30,000 THB in your hand. (40,000 including agency fee)

Nude Shoots – Please Note that Nude Shoots are Illegal in Thailand!

Nude shoots should never be less than 10,000-15,000 THB. (13,000-20,000 including agency fee).

Photography Workshops

Then there are photography workshops, which are literally gang-bangs of a model by 5 to 100 photographers a day and therefore, in my opinion should be payed 10,000 THB up but in Bangkok realities are usually 4,000-5,000 THB. (13,000 including agency fee)

And finally the minimum rate for models in Thailand for Fashion Shows and Promo Jobs

Fashion Show

7,000 thb for a fashion show (1-3 outfits) (10,000 including agency fee)

Promo Jobs

There are also promo jobs. Promo jobs need you to do tasks such as smiling and taking pictures at the events. In my understanding they should be around 6,000-7,000 THB (8,000-9,000 including Agency Fee)

Those are the minimum rates for actors that I have found so far. If you have any other rates, or other jobs that I have forgotten to include, please let me know!


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